Covering Windows On French Doors


There are plenty of options out there for sliding glass doors, but people don’t always know how to cover other types of windowed doors. A frequently asked question is how can I cover my French doors, Dutch doors, really any door with a window that isn’t a slider. All these styles face a similar set of problems.

Challenges with covering windowed doors

  • Movement from the doors swinging open and closed
  • Door handles interfering with how the window covering hangs
  • How far the covering sticks out from the door

Matching Vignette Modern Roman Shades Covering a French Door and Window

Movement from the doors swinging open and closed

If you’re a family of door slammers consider a soft covering.  The sound of bang bang bang from wood blinds hitting against the glass can wear down the nerves fast! For your average door user this won’t be an issue. Many new styles have a clips or magnets to hold the bottom of the covering in place when it is lowered, this will keep it from flapping around when the door is opened and closed. Shutters are an option that are fully connected to the door, making door movement a non-issue.

If the sound & movement bothers you ask for a soft covering or an option with clips/magnets, or consider an attached style like shutters

Door handles interfering with how the window covering hangs

Traditional round door knobs usually aren’t an issue. Protruding lever handles can stick out over the window and in the way of your window treatment. This leaves us with two solutions:

  • Going behind the handle
  • Going around the handle

Going behind the handle

How far out the lever comes out from the door can limit  the window treatment can be. If the lever is close to the door this can limit you to certain styles. If you are in love with a certain style an option is to change out your door handles to a more accommodating style. Window coverings with smaller folds, pleats, or veins are usually less likely to interfere with the door handle.


This Venetian Blind Has Narrow Enough Slats to Fit Under The Door Handle

Going around the handle

This (literal) workaround  is normally seen with shutters. Leaving a cutout for the handle highlights the custom look of the window treatment. It also lets you use this sturdy style window covering that would otherwise be prohibitively thick to fit under the handle. Shutters solve the door movement and door handle problem in a really efficient and elegant way. Where they do struggle is thickness, the third main issue of French Doors.

How far the covering sticks out from the door

Doors on windows lack the depth we see on other windows. With windows that are set back into the wall we can fill that depth with the covering. An inside mounted covering gives the illusion that the window covering is less thick. When you put the same treatment on a door it sticks further out than the door and the surrounding walls, making it look thicker and bulkier than it did on the window.

This is usually just cosmetic, so if it doesn’t bother you great! If it does bother you then you’ll just want to look at some slimmer options. the slimmer options are going to be similar to the “going under the handle” options. Window coverings with smaller folds, pleats, or veins, or you could consider a flat style like roller shades.

2009_DES_Dreamweaver_Fabric Detail

These Roman Shades Have a Flatter Profile Than Some Other Options, Like Shutters

Other options

Vertical window coverings and curtains can be a good option for most tricky to cover windows. Being able to draw your window coverings off to the side when the doors are in use keeps them out of the way, and out of trouble. Certain room layouts can prohibit this because there isn’t room along the sides of the doors to have the vertical coverings/curtains rest. If this is the case for you then a covering mounted on the directly on the door will be your best option.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If you still aren’t sure what the best option is for covering your doors ask your local window covering expert! This is the kind of thing they specialize in, their experience with awkward to cover windows can be invaluable.  If you in the King County area of Washington you can come into our showroom. Designers really are are problem solvers. If you have a problem with an uncovered French Door, we can solve that.



Protecting Yourself from Your Window

There’s Danger of Sun Damage Inside Your Home, Even When it Rains


Sun damage can happen even when it rains, sorry Western Washingtonians

Don’t think this is just a summer issue, or not a rainy Washington problem! The sunshine may often be out of sight and out of our minds but even with the clouds the damage is still happening, a double curse. It does not have to be hot outside for the sun to damage your skin or fade your interiors. Even when you are inside bundled up head to toe your interior can be damaged. So when it rains next week don’t think you are in the clear. It is painful to see a beautiful home slowly deteriorate to sun damage, especially when the upgrades are a substantial investment. Your stuff will get ruined without the proper protection.

Prolonged sun exposure causes fading to:

  • Wood Floors and Furniture
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Fabric Furniture, Throws, Pillows, and Rugs
  • Artwork

Sunlight can harm your skin and belongings, even inside


People want their home to be a safe place, but if you have a window then the sun is still getting to you. You wouldn’t sit outside all day without sunscreen, or leave a painting out on the lawn to fade and crack. Sun damage can still be a danger inside and you need to guard against it, thankfully it is not a difficult thing to do. The best solutions are installing window coverings & protective film.  You don’t have to hang a dark blanket over your window and shut out the world to block sun damage. You can still enjoy natural light without worry.

If you still want to maximize natural light in your home sheers and shadings are a good choice for window covering

If you still want to maximize natural light in your home sheers and shadings are a good choice for window covering. When opened the sheer fabric can be seen through to the outdoors, let in natural light, and still protect against glare and UV rays. This will help protect you and your family’s skin, as well as limiting fading from your furniture and flooring. When they are closed it blocks out most light and allows for privacy. Bonus: they look nice too.

Window films from a reputable installer are wonderful for UV protection, but they don’t really block the light (unless you have a dark tint)

Another option is window film. Some films come in a tint, somewhat like what you’d see on a car, and others are clear.  Window films from a reputable installer are wonderful for UV protection, but they don’t really block the light (unless you have a heavy tint).

Sun protection inside the home cannot be ignored. It protects all the important things,  yourself, your family, and your possessions. If you are going to invest in a home improvement we recommend it be the this one. Window coverings and film will protect you from the dangers coming through the window.

Victorian Garden Decor – Room Concept

 A room concept inspired by a Victorian Garden.


  1. Clark&Clark Rattan Sage Fabric
    This sage fabric can be used to make throw pillows, light upholstery, or curtains. It would be wonderful for accent pieces to pull the green from the wallpaper. This mild green help draw together the bright and dark elements of the room, as well as give it a warmer feel.   Get it Here
    This polycarbonate chair hints at a classic style while still being modern day practical.
  3. Hunter Douglas Roman Shades
    Roman shades are a traditional type of window covering and the Hunter Douglas Vignette is a modern version. Soft light fabric suits the delicate feel of the room, while still providing privacy when lowered.   Get it Here
  4. Nightrose Wallpaper – Anthropology
    This beautiful classic style wallpaper really brings the whole theme together. You could use it for the entire room, or as an accent wall. Have it be an accent wall to black walls for a dark look, or pick one of the complimentary colors shown for a warm and bright room.
  5. Kahrs – Manor Oak
    This is a whitewashed engineered hardwood. Bright but subtle to contrast and complement the busy wallpaper.  Get It Here



May Maple Valley Art Walk

We have new art up in our showroom. On Wednesday night the Art Walk goers came through our doors after 6 to admire the work of local artists in our community. We have 5 different artists on display, all with their work for sale. We are going to show you a few pieces from each person, to see them all you will have to stop by!  If you are interested in seeing more of the art visit us at our showroom 26157 Maple Valley Black Diamond Rd SE, Suite A Maple Valley, WA 98038, or contact us at (425) 413 0090.

Tammy James

Joanna Harding

Lori Collins


Debbi Pits

Jennifer Ahinkiel Haley

The Maple Valley Art Walk takes place the first Wednesday of every other month. The next event should be July 6.


About Marble Countertops

✔ Elegant    ✔ Natural    ✔ Unique


Marble countertops add history and elegance to any room. Used since ancient times, marble has long been prized for its refinement and beauty. Marble countertops will make your bathroom feel luxurious. Kitchen countertops are equally as beautiful but will take more maintenance, however; if you are willing to put in the extra work marble countertops in the kitchen are absolutely stunning.


Care & Maintenance

Marble countertops are more porous than other stone countertops. Because of this, it is recommended to clean any spills as soon as possible, liquid or solid. Make sure to use trivets or heating pads under any hot pans or dishes. Marble is sensitive to citrus (or anything very acidic really), which will leave a small mark. It is especially important to use a good thick cutting boards so you do not scratch the marble.  The “soft” nature of marble that makes it so wonderful for sculptors, could be an annoyance to you.

In a bathroom do not leave wet items on the counter. Sorry, you will have to actually hang that wet towel up instead tossing it next to the sink. Also be careful with beauty products and other pigmented items. Like most stone countertops (excluding quartz) marble needs to be sealed. Even though it is sealed it can still stain, especially a bright white marble. Even something like little bits of a broken blush compact  mixed with a little sink water that’s left to sit overnight will get your bashful blush color stained into your countertops. Don’t be messy, and your marble should do fine.

To clean your marble you should first dust away all dirt and debris. Then wash your countertops with a hot damp washcloth, afterword quickly dry it with a soft cloth. Marble countertops will need to be occasionally resealed. How often this need to be done will depend on the specific countertop, frequency of use, and the sealer used.

Right for Me?

Where are your countertops going and how much use will they get?  If their only real purpose is to look good, marble is stunning and exudes a feeling of luxury. If they will see heavy daily use, than you will have to commit to their care and maintenance to keep them pristine.  Marble is probably best suited for exposed areas with minimal use. A luxurious walk in closet with a center island would be an awesome spot for a marble countertop. Marble is not a workhorse but a delicate beauty, if you like the look of marble but not the maintenance issues try granite or a faux marble quartz instead.

Quartz vs Granite Countertops


Sometimes there is confusion about what exactly quartz countertops are and how they differ from granite countertops. Granite countertops are 100% natural. Quartz countertops are an engineered material made from about 95% natural quartz, because of this quartz counters come in a wide range of colors and styles not available in granite. For the last decade or so granite has been a favorite for re-modelers and home buyers, but quartz is growing in popularity.


Quartz is created, so there are minimal inconsistencies between the samples appearance and the actual product. Some people like knowing exactly what their countertops will look like, for them quartz will be safer. Others love unique variations in the stone, which granite is great for. All slabs of granite are unique, meaning your countertops will be one of a kind. You could also get quartz that looks like granite  or marble if you so desire.

Because every slab of marble is unique, if you have to use more than one slab to cover your counters it can be difficult to visually hide the seam of where the slabs meet. Certain quartz options have more subtle seams, which may be preferable if you have a large surface area to cover. If you are covering a small area like a single sink bathroom counter, then this won’t even be an issue.


Caesarstone Quartz


Quartz does not need to be sealed or resealed like granite countertops do. Quartz counters are also less porous than other types of stone countertops. They tend to be more stain-resistant than granite, but you should still clean any spills as soon as possible. It is usually safe to use mild household cleaners on quartz when needed, but for daily cleaning water and a paper towel, or cloth, is ideal. Quartz countertops are less heat resistant than other stones like granite, so make sure to use trivets or heating pads under any hot pans or dishes.


Cosmos Granite


Granite countertops will need to be sealed and occasionally resealed. How often this needs to be done will depend on the specific countertop, frequency of use, and the sealer used. For daily cleaning use water and a cloth or soft sponge. Do not use harsh kitchen or all-purpose cleaner on granite!  Tough cleaners will slowly break down your granite countertop’s seal. You may not notice any negative affects the first few times, but it will eventually dull the shine and remove the protection from your counters. This means it will be easier to stain/damage the counter and that you will need to have it resealed more often.

Granite is not as stain resistant as quartz, but it is more heat resistant. Leaving a hot pan on quartz can leave a mark on your countertops.  This is part of why granite has been a favorite in kitchens. I would imagine the heat resistance would be not as important for non-kitchen countertops, like in a bathroom. Of course if you have a curling iron or straighter in your bathroom that you are always leaving on and knocking over then heat resistant granite may be your friend.

Your Choice

Quartz     ✔Strong   ✔Stain-Resistant  ✔Low-maintenance   ✔Color Consistency

Granite   ✔Unique ✔Sanitary  ✔Heat-resistant  ✔Traditional

If you are putting  countertops in a frequently used area then I strongly recommend you first decide on the material you want based on its practical attributes. These are both strong options for areas that see a lot of use like kitchens and bathrooms. Once you have picked a material that is best for your lifestyle all there is to do is the fun part, picking a style. That likely wont be too quick a process though, in both categories there are so many looks to choose from! Come see what quartz and granite we offer at our Maple Valley, Wa showroom, or call us at 425-413-0090.

Bamboo Flooring

✔  Sustainable    ✔  Durable     ✔  Natural


Bamboo flooring isn’t a hardwood, because bamboo isn’t actually a tree. It is actually  a large and sturdy member of the grass family. Many bamboo floors have a similar look to wood floors, but bamboo is known for its fast growth and sustainability.  At E.R.I we  only offer Teragren Moso bamboo flooring made with environmentally safe and sustainable methods.


Teragren Xcora Strand Floating Floors



Care and Maintenance

Basic maintenance of bamboo flooring is very similar to caring for hardwood. Like other types of flooring bamboo needs to be swept regularly. Liquid spills should also be cleaned promptly; liquid should not be allowed to sit for long periods of time. You should not wet mop or steam clean bamboo flooring, instead slightly damp mop.

To prevent scratching you can put protective covers on the legs of furniture you move across it often, like dining room chairs. You should also make sure to lift heavy items instead of dragging them across the floor. General caution should be taken to not scratch the flooring with any hard or abrasive objects.

If you want to find out more about where we get our flooring supplies visit our suppliers website If you live in King County Washington and would like bamboo floors in your home give Eagle River Interiors a call, or stop by our showroom for a complimentary consultation.